School complex

The school complex developed by the Huner Group is located on Hassan Bek Zardabi Avenue, not far from the circle on January 20, in the Yasamal district. 25 hundred The territory, comprising a total of 79.4 hundred, is intended for the school complex, and the rest is for the courtyard. The total area of the 6-storey building is 14,340 m2. 11 056 square meters of territory belongs to a general education school, and 3284 square meters is occupied by a two-story underground garage, providing  residents with  95-100 parking spaces.

At the entrance to the complex is an information center and reception. 92 classrooms, 8 laboratories, security and medical rooms, are equipped with Turkish-made desks and equipment that meets the highest standards. The complex also has a chess room equipped with the most modern equipment. The room, covering an area of 43 m2, is equipped with games produced by GTV, a leading global manufacturer of games, and is equipped with chess, an electronic clock and a special Smart Desk. The building has an extensive library with an area of 2 76 m2, a conference hall with a total area of 499.5 m2 and 392 seats. Equipped with high-quality equipment, the salon has a special sound and visual system. The walls and ceiling of the cabin with perfect acoustics and sound insulation are made with special panels. The salon is also equipped with a remote control screen, a wide-screen motor projector, multi-stage stage lighting, speakers, high-quality conference microphones and high-quality air conditioning.

A space of 430 m2 of 499 m2 is reserved for the gym, 69 m2 for the coaching and dressing rooms. The dining room, which occupies 789 m2, is divided into a kitchen area of 202 m2, while the remaining area is divided into a recreation area and a service room. The dining room also has a special kitchen elevator that connects the kitchen and upper floors. The building has 3 fire exits, automatic fire alarm devices, fire extinguishers and a fire hydrant on all floors. 24-hour surveillance cameras, video surveillance rooms and security service provide the highest level of security.