Flexhouse System

The most attractive feature about  “Hünər Qüllələri” with the motto “1 apartment from you-14 additional rooms from us” is that the Flexhouse system, patented by Huner Group, will be introduced in Azerbaijan for the first time in the "Hünər Qüllələri". Flexhouse system with very different concept from classic residential complexes, offers residents a comfortable place with private rooms that do not fit into a single home. Flex rooms, which will only be booked through a residence permit, can be used as a special area for your home. Thus, anyone who buys an apartment in “Hünər  Qüllələri” will also be able to use 14 different types of additional service rooms. The Flexhouse system includes a children's playroom, cinema, music room, karaoke room, party room, playstation room, guest room, fitness room, private kitchen, indoor mini-football and basketball court, billiard lounge, workroom, driver's room and laundry.