Head office

Huner Group offers its employees a comfortable office with various service areas in the main office, far from the standards of Azerbaijan. The goal is to raise the quality of your work to a high level and create a friendly community.

Designed by Lala Akkiraz Interiors, the office, in terms of interior design, offers a concept that is not inferior to the world-famous offices from Google, Facebook and Apple.

At the entrance to the office with a total area of 3000 m2, you will find a spacious lobby in an elegant design and a reception desk in the center. Each of the offices, waiting rooms, provided for guests, conference rooms on the top floor is designed in a unique style. The decoration of all rooms, including the lobby, with natural plants gives you a feel for the freshness and motives of nature while in the office. Comfortable seating and sofas in bright colors complement the overall office interior. In addition, the office also has special recreation rooms for staff. The Flexhouse system, patented by Huner Group, consists of a cinema, a karaoke room, a playground, an indoor playground for mini-football and basketball, and a children's playroom. Thus, workers can relieve stress by playing table tennis, the latest PS games in the game room, as well as football or basketball in indoor playgrounds.

They also have the opportunity to watch new movies in the cinema with a special sound and video system not leaving the office. Karaoke room, equipped with ultra-modern acoustic panels, is an ideal place for entertainment. The convenience of children is also taken into account. If necessary, employees can trust and leave their children in the playroom without being away from work. Spacious and elegant cafe inside the office is designed for a pleasant stay of staff and guests.