Pharmaceutical storage

The pharmacy complex developed by the Huner Group is located on Babek Avenue. Of the 632.7 square meters of the total territory, 22 hundred are occupied by the depot of the complex.Part of the complex with an area of 406.7 square meters is intended for the storage of medical devices. The remaining 226 square meters is for various office spaces. Thus, the complex has a pantry, a lounge, special rooms for storing various medicines, a dressing room and a bathroom. The complex also has a basement with a total area of 524.3 square meters.

It should be noted that inside the complex there is an office building with an area of 108.4 square meters. Equipped with the latest technical equipment, the office is made in a modern style. At the entrance to the office there is an information desk, as well as a meeting room, a small kitchen and an office.

The complex has an automatic fire alarm, fire extinguishers and fire cabinets. CCTV cameras, a left-luggage office and a special security service that monitor all points of the area 24 hours a day provide the highest level of security. In the residential area of the complex there is a production workshop with an area of 250 square meters, refrigerators and ample parking.