• Solid foundation
  • Air permeable walls
  • Security system
  • Fast elevator
  • Garbage pipe
  • Flexhouse system
  • Autoparking area
  • Outdoor park
  • Quality materials
  • Service balconies

It is very important for us that our buildings rise on a solid foundation. Due to the application of European standards in accordance with the requirements of ATKINS in the construction of our projects, the number of piles laid on the foundation is very high. Thus, in all our projects, the number of piles is calculated according to the weight more than the total load of the building and it helps to advance the seismic resistance to an appropriate level in the event of an earthquake or other emergency.

In the ventilated featured facade of the buildings is used chemically unmixed and pressed stone wool. This type of facade coating does not gather moisture and has a high vapor conductivity, it empowers the diffusion resistance of the walls and allows them to breathe.

  • Reinforced fire safety system
  • Fire ladder with access in 2 different directions
  • Fire extinguishing and smoke extraction system on all floors
  • Automatic fire alarms on all floors
  • Surveillance cameras that monitor all points of the building 24/7

We use in all our projects elevators of Schindler Group, a world-renowned Swiss elevator and escalator manufacturer. The elevators manufactured by the company with 145 years of experience are distinguished by safety and reliability, fast and comfortable movement, extensive and spacious cabins. It also saves time and facilitates movement by moving at a speed of 2.5 meters per second.

Garbage pipes with automated chemical cleaning and special vacuum system installed in our buildings are self-cleaning and do not transmit any odor  around. The existence of exit to all floors and accommodation in special sections allocated to them ensures the cleanliness of the buildings and the comfort of residents.

For the first time in Azerbaijan, Huner Group offers a Flexhouse system that combines residential and social spaces in the same building. You will be able to use these service rooms and spaces, which are intended only for the usage of the residents of the building, as a special area of your home. Different types of flex rooms such as children's playroom, cinema hall, music room, fitness center, karaoke room, party room, playstation hall, private kitchen, billiard hall will provide your comfortable rest.

We provide our customers with more parking than the number of apartments. Thus, along with a large parking area on the underground floors, there are also special places for parking around the buildings. There are also individual warehouses on the ground floors for residents.

We offer an open park area surrounded by greenery in all our complexes for the comfortable rest of our residents. Special trees imported from Italy and potted trees grown on cast soil give additional charm to the park and make you feel the motifs of nature. There is also an attraction for children, a playground and seats for relaxation.

The quality is never a coincidence for us. All our projects are built by professionals using the latest technology and the highest quality building materials. German-made REHAU windows, fire-resistant Turkish-made NEXANS electric cables, German-made OSTENDORF water and sewer lines, Russian-made reinforcing steels make our complexes the most reliable location for living.

Special service balconies for air conditioning engines will be available on all floors without entering the sales area.