Strong foundation
The number of piles embedded in the foundation of “Huner Towers” far exceeds the standards. Thus, the number of piles under the foundation was calculated for a weight much higher than the weight of the building. This increases seismic resistance to an appropriate level in case of earthquake or other emergency situations.

Breating walls
The facade coating, which has a ventilation feature, involves stone wool pressed without chemical admixtures. This kind of facade cover prevents moisture and permeates high steam, which increases the diffusion resistance of the walls and ensures breathing.

Safety system

  • Enhanced fire safety system
  • Two fire exit stairs
  • Fire extinguishing and smoke removal system at each floor
  • Automatic fire alarm system on all floors
  • 24-hour CCTV cameras at all points of the building

Fast elevators
Schindler Group eleavators, Switzerland’s world-renowned elevator and escalator manufacturer, will be used in “Huner Towers”. Schindler group, with a total number of 6 large and comfortable elevators in this project, outperforms its competitors by increasing speed to 2 meters per second.

Garbage tube
Self-cleaning garbage tubes with automated chemical cleaning and a special vacuum system do not transmit any odor to the enviroment. Having access to all floors and being located in dedicated sections separately, ensures cleanliness and comfort of buildings.

Private warehouses
116 private warehouses on underground floor are intended for residents.

“Huner Towers” offers customers more parking than the number of apartments. Residents of 168 appartments will be able to use 214 parking lots with a total area of 10000 m2. At the same time, the specific area around the building is intended for parking of cars.

Natural lighted vestibule
Succesfully designed large and natural lighted vestibule, with a total area of 403 m2, adds color to the beauty of the place. Here are also the reception and service cars for residents.

German quality windows
Germany’s renowned REHAU windows will be used in the building. These windows provide a high level indoor temperature protection and ensures an unobstructed open-air view.

Service balcony
The special service balconies designed for the conditioner’s engine will be available on all floors without involving the sales area.